Goede voeding is essentieel voor een energiek leven. Vooral als sporter investeer je veel in je gezondheid, zoals tijd, goede voeding en supplementen. Het is jammer dat, ook als doen we zo goed ons best, we niet alles binnen krijgen wat ons lichaam nodig heeft uit heden daags voedsel.

Generaties geleden groeiden groenten en fruit in een rijkere grond dan nu. Industriële landbouwmethoden met synthetische meststoffen, mono gewassen en chemicaliën produceren voedingsmiddelen met een lagere voedingswaarde.

Met zoveel beschikbare supplementen tegenwoordig, is het lastig om het juiste supplement te kiezen wat het best bij jouw gezondheid en lichaam past. Fulvine Sport helpt je lichaam zo veel mogelijk voedingsstoffen op te nemen als maar mogelijk is. Fulvine Sport verhoogt de opname van 30% naar 99%.

Fulvine Sport, een fulvine extract van micronutriënten, is afkomstig van een prehistorische bodemafzetting die rijk is aan oude moleculen van zee- en zoetwaterplanten. De complexiteit en diversiteit van deze micro nutriënten leveren ontbrekende voedingsstoffen die ons lichaam op veel manieren helpen:

* metaboliseert vetten en koolhydraten

* behoud van een gezonde darmflora

* mitochondriale brandstofproductie

* ondersteunt natuurlijke ontgifting

* ondersteunt de immuunrespons

* ruimt vrije radicalen op en zorgt voor superhydratatie

De natuurlijk voorkomende elektrolyten in Fulvic Sport zorgen voor de juiste natrium / kaliumbalans die verloren gaat tijdens lichamelijke activiteit en zweten. De natuurlijke antioxidanten gaan schade door vrije radicalen door vervuiling en blootstelling aan de zon tegen. Het is een van de beste supplementen ter wereld voor optimale gezondheid in elke levensfase.


Improves Gut Health and Immune Function Life Elixir Fulvic Sport contain a plethora of nutrients that improve gut health, including: trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica (which boosts collagen synthesis), prebiotics and probiotics. These help nourish the digestive tract and also boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment. We need a strong digestive system to build immunity, help control hormone production, regulate our appetite, reduce our stress response and much more. For hundreds of years, an ancient remedy known as shilajit, has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide scope of health benefits that can be traced back to poor digestive/immune health. A poorly working gut is where many chronic health conditions take shape, which is why leaky gut syndrome is so harmful. As a result of gut permeability (when particles are able to escape through the gut lining and enter the bloodstream where they shouldn’t normally be), inflammation is triggered and autoimmune reactions can occur. There is some evidence that consuming Life Elixir Fulvic Sport can help decrease digestive disorders and other issues, including: SIBO symptoms (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), inflammatory bowel disorders, bacterial infections (respiratory, urinary tract, etc.), or the flu and common colds, for example.



A 2011 study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that fulvic acid has several antioxidant, nutraceutical properties with potential activity to protect cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease. A contributing factor to the development of cognitive disorders is free radical damage and also a type of protein called tau, but studies show that fulvic acid helps lower the length of tau fibrils and their morphology, disassembling their performance and stopping disease progression. The researchers concluded that fulvic acid is likely to provide new insights in the development of potential natural treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.


Humic acids are beneficial for digestion and improving energy because of their detoxifying abilities. As a form of natural chelation therapy, humic acids are capable of binding to and breaking down toxins and metals that enter the body through the food supply, water, prescription medications, household products and air pollution. Within the environment, humic acids is found in not only soil and rock, but also streams, lakes and ocean water. Humic acids form complexes with ions that are commonly found in the environment, creating tight humic colloids binds that help with water filtering, agriculture processes and detoxification The presence of carboxylate and phenolates within humic acids gives them the ability to act like natural chelators, which means they form chemical complexes that are important for regulating bioavailability of metal ions like iron, calcium, magnesium and copper within the human body and environment. Studies have found that humic acids have ion-selective electrodes that can be used for attracting heavy metals — even for filtering soils and water because they help bind to things like copper and iron. Research shows they’re even effective at geochemical processing of soils and aquatic environments at much lower concentrations than other types of chemicals.


Lowers Free Radical Damage and Inflammation Free radicals are present inside of all us, since they have roles for fighting pathogens, supplying energy and regulating hormones, but too many speeds up the aging process and results in disease formation. The combination of our exposure to environmental pollutants, low nutrient intake, and harmful activities like smoking, too much UV light exposure and eating processed foods has created a big problem in regard to raising free radical damage. Life Elixir Fulvic Sport contains antioxidants that counter the effects of free radicals and also help detoxify the body of many toxins that contribute to the problem: chemicals used in agriculture, radioactive waste and heavy metals, for example. It also helps extend the permeability and life of cells by providing electrolytes that have numerous functions within the heart, muscles, brain and digestive tract.


Many people taking Life Elixir Fulvic Sport have reported improvements in energy levels, probably due to increased detoxification, lower levels of inflammation and free radical damage, and higher intakes of electrolytes and other key nutrients. According to research done by Doctors Across Borders, studies have found that as natural and organic electrolytes, humic acids activate and energize nearly every biological process in the body. An electrolyte is soluble in water and works by conducting electrical currents, helping cells survive in the face of damage caused by things like emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep and surgical shocks. This also makes Life Elixir Fulvic Sport useful for lowering chronic nerve pain, headaches, joint pain caused by arthritis, or bone and muscle pains associated with aging. There’s some evidence that Life Elixir Fulvic Sport’s electrolytes can help reduce swelling, decrease inflammation, soothe and relax muscles, and improve circulation. Conversely, an electrolyte imbalance can cause these symptoms to worsen.

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